The Swili impact #2

Dec. 25, 2017

Emese, Romania (swimming instructor)

“I work mainly with blind or visually impaired swimmers. They told me that they managed to escape their fear of water. They started to love the sport and we have already decided to continue with the lessons after the project ends. They also said that they became physically stronger - in the beginning they only managed to swim a few lengths and now they can easily swim for at least half an hour at a good pace. They developed better orientation and self-perception. They learnt at least two swimming techniques and they have become more self-confident and started being more active in their life.“

Joao, Portugal 

“After talking with my swimmers, they told me that their physical and emotional state had indeed improved during the project. They feel that they have more energy and they were enjoying the routine of practising swimming on a weekly basis. Regarding their swimming abilities, they mentioned an increase in their coordination of movements. One of them even told me that his swimming technique used to be very sloppy and not synchronised and that he realised this after he started the classes. All of the swimmers said that they would like to keep on swimming after the end of the project. One of the swimmers, Miguel, is even practicing three times a week.”

Giorgia, Italy (swimmer)

“My goals at the beginning of the project were to improve my swimming technique, to try new exercises, to correct myself and to swim in the right posture and to increase my ability to swim the medley. I use swimming before I practice other sports, it is a good way to prepare the body. Swimming also helps me to relax the muscles after learning new movements. During this project I have improved my physical strength and my lung capacity. I want to keep swimming and now I want to learn some other water sports like waterpolo, synchronized swimming and swimming rescue. I talked about the project a lot with my friends and family as well. They were very interested, since I talked with such joy about this experience, to try a course like this.”

Alessandro, Italy (swimmer)

“At the beginning of the project my goals were to correct my freestyle and to learn breaststroke and backstroke, which I have managed to do. During the project my self-confidence has improved, because I was the oldest swimmer in my group, but I always tried all the new exercises and managed to do everything that the others did. Swimming is also helping me a lot with my joints that are feeling more free in the water. I also feel an improved lung capacity, I am managing my breath better and have less fatigue. This project was a challenge for me and also a great opportunity. I have learnt that there isn’t a fixed age to try new things; if  there is a will, there is a way. I am very happy and proud of myself. I would like to continue with swimming, because I have discovered that I like to be and move in the water. This experience has given me a lot of positive moments and I know now that there are still many new things I would like to try. I want to get as many friends as possible involved in swimming, because a group physical activity is challenging and fun. All those who heard me talk about my sporting experience during this last year were fascinated with what I did.”

Laura, Italy (swimmer)

“At the beginning of the project my goal was to win over my fear of water and learn how to float. After the project I have more self-confidence, because I managed to overcome a fear of mine - now I am not afraid to swim alone in shallow water, but I want to become autonomous in every situation regarding water. After the project I am more determined to get what I want in life. I talked a lot about the swimming course to my friends and family, because I was very enthusiastic about it. The instructors really love what they do and they transmit their positivity to the swimmers so everything is easier to do. Some of the people I have told about the course would like to try the lessons that I have experienced.”

Mateo, Italy (swimmer)

“My goal at the beginning of the project was to improve my freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke techniques. Before this I have never attended a swimming course. I had no idea I loved swimming so much. After the course I feel I can relax during breaststroke and that my muscle tone has significantly improved, also my lung capacity. I feel very grateful for this project, because I have learned a lot of new things and have changed my opinion about swimming. Before I thought this was a very boring activity, but now this is a fun sport and I feel very good when I’m in the water. I think I have found a new passion in life. I want to improve my techniques and keep learning new things. When I tell my friends about this experience, they asked me how they can join and begin the experience.”

Luca, Italy (swimmer)

“During the project I have changed my mind about this sport, I never thought I could love being in the water so much. Swimming relaxes me, it de-contracts my muscles after a long day at work. I feel very grateful for this experience, because I learned new things, I feel better physically and mentally. Since I was a child, I had fear of swimming pools and would vomit after I entered it. I decided it was time to finally get over this fear and now I am capable of swimming all four techniques. I am very happy and proud of myself, because this was a very big victory for me. I have talked about this course to my friends and family and some of them were very surprised about how well structured and well organized it was.”

Silvia, Italy (swimmer)

“I used to think that swimming was boring before the project started, but I actually enjoy myself when I go to the swimming pool, because there is so much variety in swimming exercises. I am physically much fitter now, my muscles are much more toned, since I have been training regularly. I am very grateful because I have tried new movements, now when I go swimming, I can enjoy and relax myself. I like that during swimming we communicate more with the physical movement and not just use verbal language. It is just like speaking a different language. Physical contact and the attention to observe an exercise before performing it gives me an opportunity to communicate in a different way. And I can also use this in other situations in my life. I have told about this experience to my parents, my boyfriend and my friends and I hope to continue this experience with some of them.”