About the project

Our practical goal is to motivate everyone, no matter what age or physical abilities, to join hers or his local swimming club regularly in a weekly swimming practice. Through regular swimming practice we want to promote a healthier way of life, which includes a better self image, a more positive outlook on life, new friends and colleagues which improves one's social inclusion. Our project promotes social inclusion through encouraging seniors with different backgrounds, different body types, different abilities and disabilities, with current or lasting injuries to take up or maintain swimming as one of their basic physical activity, as it is appropriate for everyone. We will achieve this by offering free swimming and mindfulness lessons, combined with strength training for up to 6 months. Besides this we will take our swimmers to three transnational meetings in all three partner countries to get to know each other and different cultures. After this trial period is over, we are hoping that most of them will maintain their swimming practice because of all the benefits which swimming gives in their lives and involve their friends and families.

Understanding the relationship between mindfulness and satisfaction can contribute to the development of interventions to sustain physical activity. Our goal is to develop such a program, that every sport club in EU could copy it to their sport.

Including mindfulness in sport training is a good way of enhancing learning experience and prepare a field from which the swimmers could learn about themselves.

We will combine regular activities which means gaining new skills with mental practice. First the instructors will practice mindfulness for 6 weeks, we will use the Kabatt-Zinn’s MBCT programme. They will have to practice regularly, do some assignments at home and practice group sittings every week at the same time and after they will be encouraged to write about their experience. In these weeks they will learn about their practice and how other instructors and club leaders see theirs. This is a way of learning through experience, so they can share and teach swimmers and combine sport practice with mindful moving meditation.

Milestones of the project

  • Transnational meeting: 25.1. - 27.1.2019 in Slovenia.
    Meeting with partners - a swimming instructor and a club leader from each partner country will meet in Ljubljana and attend an organisational workshop with emphasis on the organisation of the project plus mindfulness workshop for their own personal growth.
  • Mindfulness practice for the instructor and club leader: 28.1.2019 - 28.2. 2019
    Practicing mindfulness and writing a personal log about the experience.
  • Project developing for the instructor and club leader: 28.1.2019 - 24.3.2019
    Watching the webinars from the experts and writing questions that have emerged, developing a training plan, facilities reservations, choosing the group, planning the meetings and workshops, national and international presentations, searching for experts.
  • Swimming lessons, fitness training and mindfulness for seniors: 25.3. 2019 - 30.11. 2019.
    24 weeks (July and August are off) of swimming and fitness activities, mindfulness activities and sharing of the experiences. Online activities: webinars on teaching swimming, kinesiology, gerontology lecture, physical therapy and mindfulness practice. Swimming and mindfulness lessons for up to 5 people from each participating country, Open house days, workshops and presentations of the stories of the Ambassadors.
  • Intensive week: 17.6. - 28.6. 2019
    Writing and fine tuning the findings from the first half of the project, collecting the swimming results, editing and posting collected video materials, results, questionnaires, suggestions and reflections of the instructors and swimmers,
  • Transnational workshops
    3.5. - 6.5.2019 - Practical part 2 in Romania - Physical therapy workshop.
    4.10. - 7.10.2019 - Practical part 3 in Italy - Kinesiology workshop.
    22.11. - 25.11.2019 - Practical part 4 in Slovenia - Final evaluation and swimming competition for the seniors and swimming instructors. 
  • November 2nd - December 31st 2019 - Online part 2: Evaluation, dissemination, licence handing out, writing reports by all partners.


ŠD Riba (Slovenia)

The Riba swimming club, officially a sports association, was founded in 2002 by a group of young swimming enthusiasts and ex-competitive swimmers, brimming with ideas and eager to put them into practice. Our ideas are working and our enthusiasm is going as strong as ever. Through the years we turned hundreds of people into regular swimmers. 

We know how to teach swimming everybody - children, adults, seniors, disabled, disadvantaged etc. Over the years we learned a lot from trials and mistakes and have participated in many training courses. In our staff we have licenced instructors, swimming teacher and coaches (licenced by Slovenian Swimming Association) and professionals who gained their degree from Faculty of Sports (University of Ljubljana). We have a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge. 

Riba has members aged from 3 to over 75, who all love swimming and share the appreciation of this sport that not only exercises the body but is good for the mind as well. And since injuries in swimming are rare, it’s a sport that can be done throughout one’s entire life. We share our beliefs and knowledge with all who join us. We learn from one another and grow together, because swimming is our passion. Our mission is to provide fun and challenging swimming workouts to all who want them.

Our ongoing programs: beginners and advanced swimming courses for children, adolescent and adults, competitive program (there are 5 training groups or squads in the competitive program), recreational swimming for adults and competitive (masters) squad. Besides that we organize courses and events for disabled children and adults - from beginner and advanced classes to competitive swimming programs for people and children with disabilities. We tend to integrate all abilities and all age groups if the pool and timing and desire of people involved enables such a programme. 

We are one of the 4 main swimming clubs in our nation’s capital and consist of around 700 members, which include all levels of swimming, all age groups and the physically and mentally disabled. 

Babilon Travel (Romania)

Babilon Travel NGO's main mission is to promote inclusion, intercultural dialog, adaptive sports as instruments of inclusion, active European citizenship among young disabled people and young people with fewer opportunities. We also promote sustainable tourism, rural tourism, ecotourism, traditions and handicrafts of Romania with focus on the region of Transylvania and the city of Cluj-Napoca, developing tourist tracks suitable for disabled young people. We also organize sport and outdoor activities that help young disabled people to integrate in the local, national and international community.


The goal of SFERA ITALY association is to promote through non-formal education a sustainable development for the benefit of the public, the preservation, conservation, respect and the protection of the environment and the prudent use of resources, encouraging healthy lifestyles and culture of the territory of belonging in the specialties belonging to it in all forms and manifestations, in the Italian territory and internationally.