Cooper's test results

May 26, 2017

How does swimming Cooper's test look like?

A swimmer has to swim for 12 minutes straight and has to swim as much as he can. 

Slovenia Swili team:

Špela: 450 m
Željko: 325 m
Brane: 400 m
Jure: 450m
Urška: 500m 

Italian Swili team:

Alessandro: 252m (it was difficult for him because he doesn't have a lot of breath he was stopping more or less one minute after each tub but he swam only crawl)
Matteo: 441m (some difficulties, after a pair of tubs he use breaststroke legs and crawl arms)
Silvia: 462m (not too much difficulties, she was stopping after a pair tubs for 10second, she swam only crawl)
Luca: 375m (some breathing difficulties he was stopping 30sec after each tub but he used only crawl)
Francesca: 325m (she alternate crawl and backstroke because it's was too strong for her swam only crawl)
Laura: 168m (she doesn't swim crawl and che do the test only with backstroke kicks)

Romania Swili team

Click HERE for the results of their team :).